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Look Up! Solar App – 10:10

Another great project from 10:10!

Everyone plays a part.
No-one does it alone.

They’re 10:10. They help people tackle climate change.


Our villages, towns and cities are full of roofs, just waiting to be turned into solar power stations.

All we need to do to find them is Look Up!

Look Up harnesses smartphone tech to let anyone size up a roof for solar panels in seconds – no special knowledge required. It’s a bit like Pokémon Go, but for solar.


1 Find a roof that you think might look good with solar panels on and fire up the app to check it out.

2 In two simple steps you can add the roof to our treasure map. Then find out how much power it could produce by adding a few more details.

 3 Share your find on social media and climb up the leaderboard. There are some great prizes up for grabs!


That’s up to you. By adding roofs to our treasure map, you’re helping show the massive untapped potential for solar power in the UK, making the case for a renewable-powered future that bit stronger, and the move towards it a little bit closer. So if that’s where you want to leave it, we’re ok with that. But there is more, if you want it!

Get involved in our Look Up competition

We’re giving away prizes to the people who find the most solar power potential before the clocks go back on October 30th. There’s a DIY solar panel making workshop, plus Rapanui clothing vouchers up for grabs, so get treasure hunting!

Run a Solar treasure hunt

The Look Up app is a great way to get people excited about solar power. So gather a group of people – it could be a few friends, your Scout group or the local WI – and set them off to see who can find the most solar treasure (roofs!). We’ve made a handy guide on how to get started.

Get some solar panels on that roof!

It’s been a rocky road for solar over the last 12 months, with the government slashing their support for renewables. But that doesn’t mean that putting up panels isn’t a good idea.

If you’ve found a roof that….

  1. faces south with no shade,
  2. would be easy to reach and install the panels on (you know, not too much scaffolding, and made of metal or tiles),
  3. is on a building that uses plenty of electricity during the day (like a school or an office)…

Then it’s very possible that putting up solar panels makes sense for the wallet, as well as the planet!

If it’s a building that you’re in charge of, then get in touch with a local solar installer. They’ll be able to give your roof a proper survey and work out how many panels it could take and how much it’d cost.

If it’s a roof that belongs to someone else, then try community energy! That means forming or joining a community based group that agrees a lease with the building owner to put panels on their roof.

There might already be a community energy group nearby you could team up with. Have a look at the membership lists on Community Energy England, Community Energy Wales or Community Energy Scotland.

If there isn’t anyone near you, the Community Energy Resource Hub has everything you need to start one yourself.


Solar treasure hunting only the beginning – there are loads more things you can do to cut your carbon and become Unstoppable. 

And we’d love to hear from you. If you’ve enjoyed using the app, or you’ve run a solar treasure hunt, or it’s got you involved in community energy then we’d love to hear from you! Drop us an email with your story.

Brilliant podcast about energy in London!

Here is a wonderful episode of Londonist Out Loud, a podcast about London.

We find out about London’s energy and the city’s role in power and climate change, with Alice Bell and Max Wakefield.


Download MP3

Energy Tour

You eat it, drink it, sweat it, exploit it, feel it, see it and rely on it.

But how much do you know about it?

Join our Energy Tour for a journey through some of London’s most famous – and less well-known landmarks – as we weave energy’s epic story into the streets and buildings around us.

From the dawn of fossil fuels to leaky housing stock, from the origins of Shell Oil to the steps of Whitehall, from the lapping waters of the Thames to the grand delta of the Niger – let us fire your imagination towards a better energy future.

If you can’t make it, or you want a sneak preview – check out our Londonist Out Loud podcast tracing the route of the tour.

Keep it Clean -Interactive art installation showed support for clean energy in Manchester

Green Alliance is an influential environmental think tank working to ensure UK political leaders deliver ambitious solutions to global environmental issues.

“On Wednesday 9 March, we lit up Piccadilly Gardens in central Manchester with our interactive art installation to show support for renewable energy in the North. One metre high letters spelling out ‘keep it clean’ came to life


There’s been a lot of talk about the Northern Powerhouse, and what it really means for the North still isn’t clear. New industry, new transport links, new jobs…

But one big question is “what will power this powerhouse?”

Renewables are the most popular energy source in the UK. According to government statistics, 78 per cent of the public support them, with only four per cent against.

In November, countries across the world committed to take action on climate change, and to do that they must go low carbon.

The North of England led the Industrial Revolution, and it should be at the forefront of this new, global, cleantech transformation.

To spread that message, Green Alliance teamed up with 10:10 and commissioned an interactive art installation in Piccadilly Gardens for an evening. It spelt out ‘Keep it clean’ in one-metre-high letters, which light up when people hold hands to connect the electric current. When more people hold hands, the lights change colour. They invited passers-by to interact with the sculpture by holding hands and making the bulbs light up, and they had leaflets to explain what it’s all about – i.e. making sure that whatever comes of the Northern Powerhouse idea, it has clean energy and the wishes of northern people at its heart.

The installation created a fantastic visual, and lots of people interacted with it to show support for the message and make it light up nice and bright.

The North tells Osborne: clean energy must power the Powerhouse

Friday 11 March 2016

Amy Mount
Amy Mount Senior policy adviser amount@green-alliance.org.uk

More than 80 organisations from across northern England have called on the Chancellor ahead of the Budget to ‘Keep it Clean’ and back renewable energy for their region.The North of England led the Industrial Revolution, and they say it should be at the forefront of this new, global, clean energy transformation.The signatories include the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, communities investing in their own small-scale renewable projects, business groups, faith groups, and nature conservation organisations. In a declaration sent to the Chancellor, George Osborne, they say:

“The future we want is one with clean air, healthy people and resilient communities … To make this vision real, the 2016 Budget must enable us to develop and grow renewables for our region into the 2020s. The UK government should be celebrating clean energy as core to its economic plan. To cherish what we love about our region and reassert our place in the forefront of the world’s economy, we ask the Chancellor to back clean energy for the North.”

The declaration also reflects concern over the extreme wet weather that badly affected parts of the North this winter linking this with the need to shift to renewable energy to reduce the risk of extreme weather from climate change. In December, countries across the world committed to take action on climate change, signing the historic Paris Agreement. Yet in the UK, this is a very uncertain time for renewable energy, with an influential committee of MPs warning last week that the government needs to restore investor confidence in the sector.

So far negotiations about the Northern Powerhouse have ignored the need for new energy infrastructure.  The groups backing the declaration are clear that this should be clean, renewable energy combined with the benefits of smart energy technologies and reducing energy waste.  The call follows a recent report from industry body Energy UK calling for a ‘smart energy future’ and stating that the UK’s energy sector is ready to deliver affordable, reliable and clean energy.

Renewables are the most popular energy source in the UK. According to government statistics, 78 per cent of the public support them, with only four per cent against. Already, the North of England has enough solar PV to power half a million homes, enough onshore wind capacity to power one million homes, and enough offshore wind capacity to power 1.5 million homes.

Councillor Kate Chappell, Executive Member for the Environment at Manchester City Council, said:“Manchester is proud to sign the Clean Energy Declaration. As a city which was integral to the Industrial Revolution, we now see ourselves as being ideally placed to help lead the Clean Energy Revolution we need to see in the 21st century. Along with other great Northern cities, we have signed a pledge to move towards being exclusively powered by clean energy by 2050. And we will continue to develop the emerging Manchester Strategy, which explains our commitment to reducing the city’s carbon footprint, including through the use of clean energy. We’re also working with other Greater Manchester authorities and partners to improve our collective understanding of low carbon energy, as we seek to discover innovative, locally generated renewable energy sources for the city.”

Jeremy Garside, chief executive of Tees Valley Wildlife Trust, said: “As an organisation concerned with protecting wildlife and important natural environments in the Tees Valley, we know climate change is a big threat and that we need to transition quickly to a low carbon economy to make sure people and wildlife can thrive in this area.”

Phil Davies, director at Community Energy Cumbria Ltd, said: “With Cumbria experiencing three major flood events in the last decade and with the rural economy struggling, it has been heartening to witness so many Cumbrian residents willing to invest their money and passion in community renewable energy projects. Whilst local procurement has undoubtedly benefitted Cumbrian businesses, the distribution of profits back into communities has begun a renaissance in true sustainability. We really need the Government to acknowledge that supporting community renewable energy represents the perfect vehicle for job creation, social well-being and environmental common sense. Surely this is what we all want a northern powerhouse to deliver.”

Gordon Watts, sustainability manager at the South Yorkshire Housing Association, said: “South Yorkshire Housing Association is committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our housing stock. The use of renewables such as solar PV and solar thermal in some of our existing housing schemes helps to keep our customers’ energy bills down and to tackle fuel poverty. But, like all other stock investments, financial viability is a key consideration and as such SYHA would strongly back continued Government support for clean renewable energy in the North and across the UK until the renewables sector is fully mature”.