Hard Wired Exhibition 2019

‘Hard Wired’ was a new touring exhibition by Outside In and Chrysalis Arts Development. It formed part of the Art Unpacked programme, the series of touring art exhibitions which brings the very best of contemporary art to a network of libraries and small venues across Yorkshire, East Riding and Lancashire. The programme aimed to enable audiences to experience a diverse range of exhibitions, wherever they are – including in rural and more isolated locations, and to support libraries and other small venues in their development as cultural spaces.

‘Hard Wired’ is small group show, showing collections of work by Outside In artists selected following an open call by representatives from Outside In, an Outside In artist and Chrysalis Arts.

‘Hard Wired’ is a theme all about technology. Sara explained: “There is an assumption that we all have easy access to the internet at home but a significant number of people use library facilities to use computers and the internet – including some of our audiences for this exhibition.” The theme of technology is very broad and can include many different ideas such as: How artists use technology in their artwork, the impact it has on their life, how they understand it and how they are able to access it.