Giraffe 2.0 by Innoventum in Sweden

Designers and purveyors of energy generation technology know their kit has energy benefits – and increasingly are realising that if technologies are to successfully integrate into the busy cultural environment, they must find ways to offer more than just energy.

The Giraffe by Innoventum based in Sweden fabulously shows how we still look to animal symbols for power.

Text from Innoventum’s website:


“The Giraffe 2.0 wind-solar power station is ready to charge anything from your e-vehicle to your home with wind and solar energy. It is comprised of a wooden structure supporting 24 solar modules as well as a wind turbine mounted at a 12 metre height. The design of the solution was released in 2014 at the largest design exhibition in Asia – Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. 

The Giraffe 2.0 wind-solar power station is suitable for a variety of applications. It can charge a summer cottage, a house, provide hot water, light, power electronic equipment – either connected to the grid or in remote locations, e.g., replacing diesel generator (with a suitable battery backup).”

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