Array – Art exploring our energy generation – A talk during Art Week Exeter

DATE AND TIME: Tue 22 May 2018 18:00 – 20:00

LOCATION: Exeter City Futures, Broadwalk House, Southernhay, Exeter, EX1 1TS

Book here (FREE)

Our energy system is the beating heart of civilization and the unseen web that binds us all together.

This system is changing phenomenally fast and these changes will affect all of us; but we’re all aware that most people think energy is ultra-dull.

Artists have always played an important role in revolutions – but what are artists doing now?

In this talk, we will explore how artists are pioneering ways to help us connect better to our energy system and make a more beautiful world.

  • Hear from local creative practitioners who’ve done inspiring work
  • Find out more about projects from around the world
  • Understand some of the energy challenges we face in Exeter
  • Help us find a way towards a brighter future and
  • Have a say about the sort of art and energy projects you’d like to see in our city

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