Art as Energy Essay By Eli Siegel (1953)

Art is the energy that sees a thing as it is, by seeing it more as it is. Always in energy is the idea of more: energy is more than stillness, more than leaving a thing as it is at any one time. So, in art as energy there is the change that is care, the power that is good will. Art is the finding of goodness in motion, of power simply in being. To change paper into a crackling universe is energy; to change an insect into a little locomotive is energy; to change an eye into an eye with the meaning of earth is energy. To enjoy being is energy, for being, enjoyed, is more than being, not enjoyed. Appetite, love, and form are energy. In art, the excessive is the accurate; the energetic is the proper.” Eli Siegel

For the rest of this essay – visit: Aesthetic Reailism

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