The Hero Who Overslept


THE HERO WHO OVERSLEPT A5-02We all love a lie in, but the alarm clock is definitely ringing.  The time has finally come to throw back the duvet and leap into this playfully unhinged show about finding the hero under the covers. It’s a sincere and heartfelt invitation to defy indifference and experience a new, tender love story for our long-neglected earth, one in which we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

In a never seen before mix of climate science, psychology, philosophy and surrealist dance, our unlikely heroes strive to remake themselves in preparation for an overdue remaking of the world. These quirky ‘Clark Kents’ of climate change will shake your inner snooze button awake, so come see a performance that stretches what’s possible in an hour but will be a lifetime in the living.

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