LAGI Seeking New Board Members in 2017

The Land Art Generator Initiative is growing fast and seeking dynamic leaders for new Board positions in 2017.

If you think that may be you, please get in touch with us!
Click here for more information

This is an exciting time for exploring the impact of new energy technologies on our landscapes, cities, and cultures, and we would love to have you join us as we implement innovative solutions to site-specific energy needs.

As we continue to expand our impact around the world, we are looking for three new Board members who have experience and passion in areas of business planning and implementation, philanthropy, intellectual property, law, non-profit governance, fundraising, organizational development, and finance especially within the disciplines of arts and culture, energy, and environmental protection.

Board members may reside in any geographic location—in the United States and around the world. If you know someone who may be interested, please forward this newsletter to them.

LAGI brings forward human-centered solutions for sustainable energy infrastructures that enhance communities as works of art in public space. Land art generators educate the public, inspire the next generation, celebrate local culture, and contribute renewable electricity to the grid to meet the existing demand loads of neighborhoods and cities.


For look back on 2016, check out our most recent publication, Powering Places, which is now available at your local bookseller. Click on this link for online purchasing options.

Participating teams were challenged to create a piece of civic art that also acts as sustainable and renewable energy and drinking water infrastructure for the city of Santa Monica, California.

The result is an astounding sampling of innovative and artistic solutions that employ the latest wave, tidal, wind, solar, and other technologies.

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