The Future Men present ‘Power, Death & Money’ 26th October 2016

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Is your future one full of pant-filling fear? Or are you an eternally glass half-full optimist? Do you lie awake at night in a cold sweat of trepidation about what tomorrow might bring? Or are you bouncing up and down on the bed in sleepless excitement of what’s to come? With Donald Trump as a US Presidential candidate and Nigel Farage applying for German citizenship is this the end of days? Or is there a warm flicker of fiery future hope from the dismally damp blanket of now? Who’s got the power today? How might that change? What kills more of us than anything else? And who makes the loot? Plus what links zombies and the Jeremy Kyle Show?

We’ll be wrestling with these questions and many more…

Join us and our special mystery guests for a rampage through the frustrations of today as we attempt to scramble up into the foothills of somewhere we’re all hopefully going to live – a better tomorrow! Entry fee includes a specially themed free cocktail…we can’t tell you the theme (as that would give the game away) but it will be delicious. And the whole event will also be carbon neutral via Stand for Trees.

Future Team Productions is Ed Gillespie (Co-Founder, and author ‘Only Planet’) and Mark Stevenson (Co-Founder WeDoThingsDifferently and author ‘Optimists Tour of the Future’). So-called ‘futurists’, seasoned sustainability types and occasional comedians.


Wed, October 26, 2016

8:30 PM – 10:00 PM BST

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The Green

29 Clerkenwell Green



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