The 5 Cube, Dublin


“The 5Cube is Ireland’s first renewable energy design feature and is a physical representation of how much oil Ireland is consuming every five minutes. The aim of the 5Cube is to get citizens thinking about our dependency on fossil fuels and to consider renewable sources of energy that are cleaner, and ultimately cheaper, alternatives.  The 5 Cube was selected as the winning design following the Imagine Energy design competition in 2013 for a smart energy feature in the city centre as part of its involvement in the EU-funded Ace project.

‘There are a lot of initiatives to attract people’s attention to marketing or causes involving the multi-media, multi-platform initiatives, barrages of information, bright lights, scrolling screens etc, to a point where I think we develop a kind of fatigue and blindness to the sheer volume of information and statistics.

The 5Cube was designed by Declan Scullion of de Siún Scullion Architects.  De Siún Scullion Architects are a new Dublin-based practice established in 2014.

I suppose the objective here was create a kind of marker or monolith that was going to provoke people to look closer, take the time to ask, what is it, and then when the answer was revealed it perhaps has more of a chance to stay with you. You have to work a little bit to get the answer, so you tend to remember the answer a little better. All the more so if the thing you saw was memorable or beautiful in some way.” Declan Scullion.

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