A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene: new maps for old – Beth Carruthers

Beth Carruthers is a philosopher, artist, researcher, curator, consultant, and collaborator among disciplines and sectors, Beth’s work has for more than 2 decades focused on the transformative capacity of aesthetic experience in cultural change to future flourishing.

Much research on the impact of the arts in sustainability focuses on tracking such things as raising awareness of environmental problems, and encouraging personal acts such as recycling. If we seek to understand how the arts are transformative we must also see past the rhetoric of artist as detached observer and ironic critic, or as earnest commentator, conveying abstract and smartly crafted messages of social change, politics, social justice, or even ethics for public consumption. The true transformative capacity of the arts has not to do with the content we may want the arts to deliver, no matter how cleverly or carefully devised; it has to do with the capacity of the arts to deeply engage and transform us in ways we cannot fully control, or readily comprehend.

Beth will present her research and delve into the subject of why and how artists can lead us from known ontological territory, to future flourishing. She will consider how the deeply engaging and transformative capacity of aesthetic experience, focused by way of the arts, can be our compass rose as we navigate winds of change, sail off the map of the known world to a new world as yet unknown; a world feared by many (here be monsters), but welcomed by others as world of possibility, rich and strange.

Come along to here this presentation and others from thinkers at the Feeding the Insatiable summit in Dartington in November



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