Feeding the insatiable – a creative summit

Real and imagined narratives of art and energy for a troubled planet
Wednesday 9 November -Saturday 11 November 2016
Dartington Hall, Devon

Encouraging all manner of energy generation through creative intervention and invention and new approaches to scientific enquiry including the quirky, the impossible, the micro and the personal.  Encouraging debate – practical, philosophical, metaphysical, and theoretical – bringing creative minds from many disciplines to bear on these pressing issues. Find out more

Who is it for?
This is an interdisciplinary event; we anticipate proposals and participation from artists, writers, designers, engineers, industry professionals, philosophers, ecologists, and all those interested in new approaches to energy, energy policy and ecosophy.


This is the preliminary programme. At this early stage we anticipate there will be changes, but this nevertheless gives a clear sense of the overall shape and richness of the event.

In addition to the sessions below, there will be an exhibition of work in the conference gallery space, live on-air happenings on Soundart Radio 102.5fm, and other interventions.


Wednesday, November 9

Time Studio 1 or as noted
15.30 Registration
16.30 Plenary session: Welcome and Introduction
16.45 Opening Keynote : Elizabeth Monoian and Robert Ferry (Land Art Generator Initiative), with Chris Fremantle
17.45 BREAK
18.15 Reception and Exhibition Opening in Garden Room
19.30 Dinner
21.00 Studio 3: Evening performance with Lola Perrin

Thursday, November 10

Time Studio 1 or other Studio 3
09.00 Registration
09.30 Session 1
Plenary session: Welcome and housekeeping
Ecologies Shaping the world
09.45 Session 2
Cathy Fitzgerald: The Ecological Turn: Why and How Can We Best Articulate Slow Art and Ecology Practices?
Session 3
Beth Carruthers A Compass Rose for the Anthropocene: new maps for old
10.15 Session 4
Nancy Holmes: A Dangerous Gift: Artists Expanding Frames of Cognition In Environmental Discourse
Session 5
Judy Spark: The Nature of the Machines
10.45 Session 6
Laura Kim Sommer: The awesome’ and other environmental art clusters with potential to inspire the climate movement
Session 7
Charlie Tweed The Signal and the Rock (performative lecture)
11.15 BREAK
Artist projects Communicating
11.45 Session 8
Natalia Eernstman and Bryony Onciul: Miss You Already: an artistic response to accelerated coastal change
Session 9
Anaïs Roesch: About energy transition, cultural change and the power of the arts
12.15 Session 10
David Haley: NON-EQUILIBRIUM: ecology of time
Session 11
Zoe Banks Gross: Intersections, How we communicate energy, ecology and sustainability issues, can it influence behaviour change?
12.45 Session 12
Chloe Whipple: How to make 15 litres of water a day work
Session 13
Pratheek Sudhakaran: The Role of Sustainability within the realm of architectural education
13.15 LUNCH
14.45 Plenary – Keynote 2
Laura Watts Walking with Energy– under sea and over stone
Workshops Artist projects
15.30 Workshop 1 – Holly Owen and Kristina Pulejkova: Switching Heads – sound mapping the Summit

Workshop 2 – Naomi de la Tour: Playing with metaphor: new ways of knowing

Workshop 3

Workshop 4

Session 14
Holly Owen: Switching Heads – sound mapping the Summit
16.00 Session 15
Ela Spalding: An Art and Science LAB in Panama
16.30 Session 16
Lori Hepner: #Crowdsourced Landscapes
17.00 Session 17
Hannah Imlach: Nautilus Turbine, Isle of Eigg
18.00 DINNER
20.00 Session 18
Report back from think tank day / discussion
Emma Welton (from workshop)
21.00 Late night bar in Garden Room

Friday, November 11

Time Studio 1 (or other) Studio 3
09.00 Registration
09.30 Welcome / Housekeeping
Artist Projects Energy Generation
09.45 Session 19
Laura Hopes: Tank: Non-standard Units of Measurement
Session 20
Ian Garrett: Vox: Lumen – engineering for performance
10.15 Session 21
Emma Welton: Damage Limitation
Session 22
Neil Burnside: Scottish Thermal Energy Park. A STEP forward in heat generation
10.45 Session 23
Siobhan McDonald: Crystalline
Session 24
Roxana Morosanu: The Factory of Doing: human agency and energy generation
11.15 BREAK
12.00 Session 25
Panel with Loraine Leeson: Active Energy
FILM screenings (repeats during lunch)
13.00 LUNCH
Poetics Other
14.30 Session 26
David Sergeant: Reading Poetry While the World Burns
Session 27
15.00 Session 28
Reka Szekely: Feeding the insatiable and feeding the birds – birdwatching in Kathleen Jamie’s poetry
Session 29
Facilitated Audience Panel / Discussion
15.30 Session 30
Soil Fictions
16.00 Closing Plenary (close by 16.40)

Other things

There will be a number of exhibitions and other related events during the Summit. To date we know these include:

  • Hannah Imlach: Nautilus Turbine
  • Felix Prater: 1 of 1.84 million

The summit is accompanied by CommunityArtWorks (Jennifer Hoernemann and Walbrodt) and the OFFICE FOR THE USE OF MISTAKES AND COINCIDENCES.

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