Energy – Formidable Vegetable Sound System

“By busting out live shows based around the principles of Permaculture (regenerative ecological design), Formidable Vegetable Sound System is paving the way for a new kind of musical activism based around simple, fun solutions to some of the largest problems on the planet and are rapidly becoming a favourite on the Australian and international festival circuit with packed dance floors and workshops alike.” Formidable Vegetable Sound System website

Published on Feb 24, 2014

Album, “Permaculture: A Rhymer’s Manual” out now at:

Permaculture principle number 5 – ‘Use and Value Renewable Resources and Services’ from David Holmgren’s book – Permaculture: Principles & Pathways Beyond Sustainability.

Animated by OzJThomas:
Thanks to Richard Watson for filming & green screen assistance!
New track featuring Mal Webb on trumpet and Kylie Morrigan on violin.
(Electroswing remix album out soon)

Charlie MGee Interview with Cassie Langstraat

“So infectious that the most ardent climate sceptic would have trouble staying still”- Sydney Morning Herald

To call Formidable Vegetable Sound System unique would be a gross understatement, however this award-winning West Australian oddity of a band has become notorious across the globe for their dynamic live performances promoting sustainability and the joys of gardening through dance music.

Out to prove that ukuleles and electroswing CAN save the world, Formidable Vegetable Sound System are a somewhat eccentric experiment in ‘ecological edutainment’. With energetic vintage-style live mashups of wonky glitch and antique beets, swing ukulele and hyperactive horns, Formidable Vegetable Sound System have only one goal: to pound simple solutions for sustainability deep into your consciousness in the funkiest way possible.

Paving the way towards a new genre of music based around positive solutions to some of the biggest problems on the planet, Formidable Vegetable Sound System are rapidly becoming a favourite on the international festival circuits, having performed everywhere from Woodford to Glastonbury (alongside The Rolling Stones… actually!)

“Formidable Vegetable Sound System are spearheading a new and exciting form of musical activism and becoming one of the most important voices in a global cultural movement.” – Harry Angus, The Cat Empire

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