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An Out of The Kaleider Commission

EUPORIAS, the Met Office and Kaleider are seeking an individual or group to create a playable /playful /fascinating /interesting /thrilling /poetic /challenging /delightful/ extraordinary experience to take place during the EUPORIAS General Assembly at the Met Office in October 2016.

Application Information:

Application deadline: Friday 10 June 2016

Dates and location of event: sometime during 4-7 October, 2016; Met Office, Exeter, UK

The successful artist(s) will be awarded:

  • Up to £15,000 available to include the artist’s fee and expenses, accommodation, travel and production costs.
  • Residency at Kaleider’s curated studio in Exeter.
  • Producer support and creative feedback during development and production.
  • Development time with Met Office scientists.
  • An opportunity to do something a little bit different.

What we’d like to see in an application:

A project that:

  • is inspired by climate science / climate services / EUPORIAS
  • is co-designed with us
  • uses the network of people and skills inside The Kaleider
  • can take place at the Met Office
  • might be disruptive
  • is definitely surprising
  • is personally challenging to the audience but not professionally uncomfortable
  • is definitely playful (but with a bit of a bitter aftertaste?!)
  • might be playable
  • could be wholly designed prior to the General Assembly and then take place at the event or partially designed prior to the General Assembly and then adapted in response to the goings-on at the event.

What you can expect from us:

  • We’re not going to tell you what to do – we welcome proposals from any discipline.
  • An open and a playful approach to collaboration.
  • Access to Met Office scientists and EUPORIAS collaborators to help inspire and shape the experience, plus the opportunity to play with our data!
  • If appropriate, we’ll work with you to explore opportunities to tour the work to other locations.

How to apply:


  • Email a short proposal of your idea (500 words maximum)
  • If you have visualisations/drawings/diagrams you can also attach these (please don’t use this as a sneaky excuse to use more words – we won’t read them)
  • Please include an initial budget for your project (not included in word count limit)


  • If you would rather apply via a video please ensure it is no longer than 3 minutes and is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Please email the link to (include a password if relevant)
  • Please include an initial budget for your project

The commission call

We want to commission an individual or a group to create an experience that will take place during the EUPORIAS General Assembly. We’re not prescriptive about discipline, but we’re interested in something that is playful/playable/fascinating/interesting/thrilling/poetic/challenging/delightful.

It might use tech, performance, installation, sound, taste, texture, magic. It might be digital, non-digital or a hybrid. It might be site responsive, human responsive, data responsive or all three.

We want to interrupt the normal conference proceedings with something a bit different, inspired by the world of climate services and EUPORIAS. What this might be and when in the meeting this might happen is for us, and you, to decide.

A bit of background:

Throughout human history, we have learned to adapt to the day-to-day variations in our weather alongside longer-term, but perhaps less noticeable, changes in our climate. We have learned how to use weather records and climatic information to help us engineer bridges and hospitals, grow drought and flood-tolerant crops and build our overall resilience to extreme weather.

Generally, we have assumed that the underlying climate isn’t really changing. But in the past we have been caught off-guard when shifts in our climate have altered the environment around us. Today we know that our climate is not stationary, in fact it is changing rapidly.  We need to create tools and share knowledge to help us deal with the emerging challenges these rapid changes pose to our societies – we need to create climate services.

For this reason the European Commission has invested heavily in a strategic plan to put Europe at the forefront of climate service development and delivery. This is the start of an exciting new field, but given the importance climate adaptation will have for our future, it is crucial we develop the ambition, knowledge and tools to deal with these new challenges.

EUPORIAS is one collaborative project leading the way in exploring climate services involving 24 institutions across Europe, led by the Met Office. EUPORIAS has given Europe an opportunity to learn how climate information can be made usable and actionable for decision makers in different sectors, including water, agriculture, transport, food security and energy; it is truly at the forefront of this new field. We’re now coming to the end of the project and from 4-7 October 2016, we’re holding the final EUPORIAS General Assembly at the Met Office HQ in Exeter, UK.


We wanted to make the FAQ’s as live as possible so we have posted a number of questions on the discussion board at the bottom of this page. Please feel free to ask questions or comment on questions already posted.


If you have private questions after reading the FAQs, please email  (Executive Producer, Kaleider)

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