COPtimism – from Julie’s Bicycle

Following the celebratory spirit of last December’s historical COP21 Paris climate agreement we’re left with the question of how we, as global citizens, cultural leaders and artists, can translate this commitment into action. At an event in May 2016, Julie’s Bicycle brought together speakers from the creative industries to share their “coptimism” for how culture is and can continue to be at the heart of a movement of change. They revealed institutions in transition, new artworks and art forms, new skills and business models, and collaboration within, between and beyond the creative sector.

It was a well attended and interesting event and in case you missed it, you can see all the talks here!

“Theatre is all about people, our cares and the world in which we live. When theatres own these political issues then they become powerful communications tools” Emma Rees, London Theatre Consortium

“Making, can bridge the technical, the material and existence” Ursula Davies, Marversity

Our creatives should be using their talents, strengths and artistry to handle the subject matter, this will focus audiences’ attention on the issues

About Julie’s Bicycle:

Julie’s Bicycle is a leading global charity bridging the gap between environmental sustainability and the creative industries.

Their vision is a creative community with sustainability at its heart and our mission is to provide the inspiration, expertise and resources to make that happen.

They work with over 1,000 arts organisations across the UK and internationally, large and small to help them measure, manage and reduce their environmental impacts.

Join Us
Julie’s Bicycle encourages everyone to join us in taking action on climate change by signing the pledge as part of the Creative Climate Coalition:

Take Action 
For guidance, tips, case studies and further reading on many topics discussed at the event please check out the website Resources pages, and the resources listed on the Creative Climate Coalition page.

Share Your Stories
Let’s keep the #coptimism hashtag alive by continuing to share work you’re doing, or work that inspires you. We’d love to help share and promote your climate action – send your news to

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