Plymouth College of Arts Students produce share views about energy through art

During March 2016, Regen SW worked with students at Plymouth College of arts.

We invited students to share their thoughts about energy through an image that could be displayed as a poster on a Bus Stop.

Below you can see the artworks and sometimes examples of work in progress. Many of the graphics students have instagram or blog accounts which have enabled them to share their work with people throughout the progression of the project.

Many many thanks to everyone at Plymouth College of Arts for their hard work, enthusiasm and fantastic work.


Jess Stacey

“My poster considers an aspect of renewable energy when thinking in-depth, engages questions as well as challenges and stimulates the audience”

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 09.09.12

Alex Dudley

“I didn’t want people to have to look at the image for minutes at a time to really understand the message”

Amber Geep

Catherine Slope


Fin Neilens


Ryan Jesty

“Here is my final poster for RegenSW.  I included one fossil fuel example and one sustainable energy example which are coal power and wind power.  I used green and red to show which is bad and which is good for the environment.  I strongly based my final piece on line and colour.  I feel this portrays very well the message i am trying to put across about the impact that fossil fuels have on the environment.”


Will Gannon

“I decided on using a car as an example of oil usage in society in comparison to what oil supplies the Earth has.”


Sam Parker

“my idea was to show how solar panels can generate energy, I wanted to keep the design simple and not use too many colours or complex shapes”


Jordan Martell

“I wanted to get the message across clearly”

Katie King

“The idea behind this piece using ‘flower power’ is for sustainable energy. Sustainable energy is to help the environment and i believe the quote i have used does exactly that. The illustration of the flower is to represent natural energy.”



Zack Hellier

Zack Hellier - The Future copy


poster final new


Bobbie Galvin

Bobbie Galvin Regen SW1.jpg

Emma Wilson

emma wilson regen SW.jpg

Grace Crawford

grace crawford .jpg

Lydia Carlin

Lydia Carlin - Regen SW.jpg

Sianan Bunt

Sianan Bunt 1

Brittany Falconer

Brittany Falconer ED Fashion Year 1

Seren Street

Matt Allen

the future (logo)2

Amy Lee Bucknell


Bethany Dean

IMG_0443 copy

Jordan Mortlock

Jordan Mortlock FINAL FINAL




Suki Renbourn



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