Electric art – Landscape towers for electricity pylons, telecom towers and wind masts by Elena Paroucheva

In 2004 following 3 years of development and research, the environmental artist Elena Paroucheva inaugurated a unique artwork: “Source” – four pylons of a high voltage power line are dressed in colourful dresses, through a tourist and thermal site visited by  5 million tourists a year. Then the French industrial patrimony is now a cultural heritage.

You can visit the site at The Tourist and Spa Center – Amnéville les Thermes ( French Region of Lorraine) and in September every year during the European Heritage Days , the artist is present for a guided tour.

Elena has worked in the field of the visual impact of overhead networks: power lines, wind energy  sculptures – windmills, mobil phone antennas, lighting to highways, stadiums, public spaces for over 10 years.

See: http://www.art-elena.com/

The artwork “Source” is a monumental art installation on a 225 000 volts High Voltage power line “Amnéville – Montois” France. Four high-tension towers and 1.5 kilometers of the line are transformed into works of art.

Sizes: 34 meters high, 1255 meters long, 28 meters wide.
Weight: 28 tons.
Technical medium: Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the  line carrying electricity.

Materials used: 3 284m of steel cable,  2 708m of stays, 525m of  plastic canvas, 576m of stainless steel tubes, 384 fixations, 40 lighting projectors  controlled by satellite.


Elena Paroucheva during the work

The Esplanade of the Tourist and Spa Center in Amnéville les Thermes, France

Pylon No. 13 of the transmission line

“Amnéville – Montois”, France

Thank you Elena for sharing the details of this project with us.

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