COPtimism: Lightning Talks – Weds 4th May 2016, London

COPtimism: Lightning Talks
Weds 4th May 2016, 10.00 – 12.00 (registration from 9.30am)
Room K1.28, 1st Floor, King’s College London, Strand, London WC2R 2LS
#coptimism #Utopia2016

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As part of Utopia 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility, Julie’s Bicycle is partnering with King’s College London and Somerset House to bring you a morning filled with flashes of inspiration on culture and environmental change.

Following the celebratory spirit of last December’s historical COP21 Paris climate agreement we’re left with the question of how we, as global citizens, cultural leaders and artists, can translate this commitment into action. Our speakers will share their “coptimism” for how culture is and can continue to be at the heart of a movement of change. They’ll reveal institutions in transition, new artworks and art forms, new skills and business models, and collaboration within, between and beyond the creative sector.

A series of quick-fire talks from the likes of Makerversity, Cape Farewell and Reading Museum will be followed by ample time for discussion and an opportunity to get involved with this exciting global movement.

This event is supported by Arts Council England and Good Energy and is a partnership with King’s and Somerset House.

The talks will also be available to watch on the day via a Live Stream link, available shortly.

Talks include:

Energy Renaissance
Lucy Wood, Programme Director, Cape Farewell
Andy Franzkowiak, Creative Director, Shrinking Space

Cape Farewell is using the vast potential of VR to create an immersive digital experience ‘Energy Renaissance’, where the user is placed within a world where they can turn the congested Strand in London into a low-pollution, environmentally sustainable landscape. A recent study by Kings College London revealed that nearly 9,500 people die a year as a result of air pollution in London, with WHO estimating that it cost the UK economy £54 billion in the last year. Energy Renaissance is a partnership between technology, science and culture that aims to enable Londoners to engage with the impacts of pollution and climate change in the here and now, and educate them on ways to make a greener and healthier urban future a reality. The project will launch as part of a 3-week exhibition at Somerset House this October as part of their year long Utopia 2016 Festival.

Looking Back to Look Forward
Brendan Carr, Community Engagement Curator, Reading Museum

Through a community history project, Reading Museum has repositioned itself as a creative and community hub for rethinking the future. Working with local people, environmental charities, artists and the council, Reading Museum is now involved with consultations about Reading becoming a sustainable city by 2050. Brendan reflects on these experiences, the “soft power” wielded by creative institutions in the city, and the relevance of museums in the context of a changing world.

Classics for a New Climate

In 2012 the Young Vic launched their “Classics for a New Climate” series of plays with After Miss Julie, a pilot project to explore what sustainable stage production might look like. Working in collaboration with creatives, production professionals, suppliers and Julie’s Bicycle, the theatre has been experimenting with various approaches, from paperless programmes to local sourcing and reinvented minimalism. [INSERT NAME] shares the learning from their latest “Classic”, La Musica, and how these experiments are influencing their approach to design, production and work with creatives overall.

Image courtesy of Cape Farewell 2016.

Please note that unfortunately the space for this event has no wheelchair access.



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