More renewable energy inspired magical public demonstrations please!

In remembrance of the public engagement techniques of the past, I have decide to share this information about the Pyro Mini – It would be great to see a magic and renewable energy show!


“Magic is one of the oldest forms of entertainment, and audiences are becoming more discerning and street smart,” Ellusionist representative Geraint Clarke says. “It’s up to us to embrace the shift in technology and start to incorporate new and innovative design into the magic industry.”

Have you ever wanted the power to shoot fireballs from your hands? With Pyro Mini, you finally can. You can wear this compact fireball shooter on your wrist, or hide it for maximum effect. Pyro Mini was created for professional magicians, but due to the fact that shooting fire from your hands is a universally desirable ability, Pyro and this new miniature version have caught the eye of more than just the magic community.

For the curious, the device’s firepower relies on the functionality of flash paper: a highly flammable substance that is a staple for dramatic performers. Pack the right amount of flash paper and cotton into the small Pyro Mini wrist box, and you’re ready to go. With the press of a button, the balls launch out of the tubes and burst into flame. If you’re worried about burning down your apartment, the kit includes extensive instructions for getting the material proportions just right.

 The Pyro mini is made up of two main components. First and foremost, there’s the fireball launcher itself, which is essentially a set of two reloadable barrels hooked up to an electronic trigger system. This little module can be held in your hand, or worn on the wrist with a detachable strap. The compact, removable wrist strap is so discrete that you might as well tell people it’s magic when you shoot fireballs 40 feet into the air.
The second piece of the Pyro Mini equation is a wireless trigger remote that can activate fireballs from a distance of about 30 feet. You can activate fireballs without even being in the room (but please play responsibly). Better yet, the entire Pyro Mini setup runs on a rechargeable battery that hooks up with a standard microUSB cable, and can last for up to 600 shots before needing to charge.
Pyro Mini only went on sale recently, and it’s already received a boatload of praise from magicians and mortals alike. The device comes with a full guarantee from Ellusionist, and you can order it for about $147 through the company’s website.

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If you’re interested in performances about energy, it may be worth having a look out for the Voltini Sideshow


“Come one, come all, come great, come small, come see the one & only ‘Voltini Sideshows’; the very last live action touring sideshow left in the land.

Step up & step in to see the living lightning lady, Madame Electra!, 270,000 volts seer through her beautiful body & yet she is still alive!!

Step up & step in to see the strange machines of Nikola Tesla. One million volts of man made lightning right before your very eyes.

It’s for the young, the old, the brave & the bold, a thrill with a laugh for the whole family.

Truly authentic Victorian sideshow performed as it was over 100 years ago.

An electric atmosphere is guaranteed!”

Sparks will fly at Gerry Cottle's Wow! Circus, showing at Blackpool Pleasure Beach's Globe Theatre, as Professor Voltini unveils his million volt electrical stunt. Professor Voltini, aka Sebastian Vittorini, in action.  PIC BY ROB LOCK 25-10-2012

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