Catch the Sun (Go Solar) by Ben Williams released to mark Solar Independence Day (2015)

A song entitled ‘Catch the Sun (Go solar)’ by guitarist and songwriter Ben Williams has been released to mark the Solar Trade Association’s Solar Independence Day 2015, the UK’s annual celebration of solar showcasing solar homes, commercial solar rooftops and solar farms and a series of public open days. The song, which is freely available to download on Soundcloud along with a music video on YouTube , was recorded in a solar-powered recording studio at The Premises in Hackney, with backing singers from the solar industry, green NGOs and from the Philippine and Ethiopian embassies – two countries vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Watch the Video below:


As a guitarist Ben Williams has supported a who’s who of British talent including Mick Hucknell, Will Young, Chic and M-People. He has also recently released his own album, ‘Who do you think you are?’. Ben wrote his catchy solar song for free, to help raise awareness of climate change and highlight the importance of solar as a solution.

Ben Williams, the songwriter, said:

“I wanted to get involved because climate change is such a serious issue and people can feel helpless about what to do. There’s something special about solar. Not just because it’s genius technology but because, as the song says, it puts the power to act in millions of hands. The energy and climate debate is very political and bogged-down by big vested interests. Nothing reaches people like music. I wanted to try and reach out to everyday people with a hopeful message.”

The Solar Trade Association helped to organise the recording working with The Premises who have been long term supporters of solar power. Not only does The Premises boast the first solar-powered recording studio in Europe but their involvement in solar campaigning helped to secure the UK’s Feed-In Tariff scheme which has led to over 660,000 solar homes across the UK.

Julia Craik, Managing Director of The Premises said:

“We really enjoyed recording this catchy track in The Premises solar-powered studio, it’s a great way of supporting solar in the UK. We take a really keen interest in climate change issues and aim to do more than just run a business. We installed the first professional solar powered recording studio in Europe and campaign to encourage more businesses to join us using reliable and effective renewable technology. We’re really happy to be involved in this year’s Solar Independence Day.”

Sonia Dunlop, Communications and Public Affairs Manager at the Solar Trade Association, who is organising solar events and open days across the country for Solar Independence Day on 3rd and 4th July said:

“Solar Independence Day is all about reaching out and celebrating the joy of solar. And nothing marks a celebration like music – it is great that this nationwide event now has its own soundtrack too. Solar is transforming the way we generate energy, democratising our energy supply as well as helping to avert dangerous climate change. We hope that is reflected in this song.”

The STA is inviting people to post their own versions of the song – or indeed showcase their own solar installations in a video – on the STA’s Facebook page.

Supporters are also being asked to write to their MPs as part of the Climate Coalition’s ‘For the love of solar’ campaign, where people can send a ‘solar heart’ to their MP to urge them to take action on climate change.

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