Hu2 – Save the world one room at a time


Hu2 is a design and art company founded on principles of sustainability and social responsibility. The brand adheres to the philosophy of creating unique, locally produced and resilient design and art whilst reducing negative impact on the environment through proficient design and the use of sustainable materials.

The award-winning design and production studio has launched various eco-designs including wall decals, 3D wall signs, typography and art prints, all designed by French artist and designer Antoine Tes-Ted.

The concept for the light switch and power socket wall decals – the Hu2 Eco Reminders – was born from Tes-Ted’s passion for designing and developing functional, thought-provoking art that challenges reflection, creates awareness and ultimately leads to constructive action; the Founder and Creative Director of Hu2 Design spends much of his time working with Hu2’s charitable foundation and advocating the positive effects design can have on environmental issues.

It can be challenging to bear in mind the long-term consequences of wasting natural resources, especially when single actions have little visible impact. Therefore, the Hu2 Eco Reminders can help change everyday habits and reduce excessive use of electricity and water through simple, contemporary and bold design. Each decal is handcrafted at Hu2 Design’s production studio in France using local, environmentally conscious manufacturing methods.

Hu2 Founder and Creative Director, Antoine Tes-Ted, said: “As a kid, I was told off by my mother whenever I would leave the lights on. The idea of making an effort to save energy and consequently contributing to a better world really stuck with me.” Tes-Ted’s childhood lessons developed into a strong environmental calling – the creative inspiration behind the Eco Reminder series.

Produced from PVC-free, fully recyclable materials as well as 100% biodegradable packaging, the Eco Reminder decals are easy to install onto any flat surface, both indoors and outdoors. The designs provide an attention-grabbing call to action to say the least – save the world one room at a time!

The Eco Reminder decals can be bought in the Hu2 Online Store:

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