An Energy Generation interview with David Wagstaff

Fascinating interview with David Wagstaff from The department for energy and climate change (DECC) talking about our energy generation.

  • I guess we take energy for granted because there haven’t been any problems with it recently
  • People only notice things when they can’t get them or can’t afford them.
  • Energy is an issue for people growing up in poverty but if you’re talking to people relatively comfortably off they just use it ….and don’t really think about the consequences
  • Every single street in the country has some kind of electricity sub-station – but I very much doubt that many people know how it works
  • When people get actively involved in making energy….then obviously it gives you much more awareness of how difficult it is
  • 80% of the energy we use is for transport and heat and yet if you have a debate about it….people will usually be talking about electricity
  • The things that you can use for sustainable energy (the sun, wind, wood etc) are readily available around the world….you don’t have to be a wealthy country
  • This is a global problem and will require a global solution

Demanding Times

David Wagstaff is the Head of Heat Strategy and Policy, at the Department for Energy and Climate Change.


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