Regen SW’s Arts and Energy Programme

Regen SW passionately believes that sustainable energy has a vital role at the heart of a successful economy and thriving local communities.

We are an independent not for profit that uses our expertise to work with industry, communities and the public sector to revolutionise the way we generate, supply and use energy.

We focus our work on one overarching goal

And the successful development of four priority sectors

Our ambitions are set out in our south west Renewable Energy Manifesto and we track progress through our unique detailed annual Progress Report.

Our impact

We have achieved much in our 10 years. Renewable energy has grown dramatically


There are over 10,000 people working in our sector.

The south west is committed to renewables being at the heart of its future with four Local Enterprise Partnerships and 20 MPs signing our Renewable Energy Manifesto.

We have used this expertise to work with other parts of the UK.

Our annual progress reports demonstrate the growth and development of the industry.

Regen SW has an arts and energy programme and its mission is to:

•    bring powerful new perspectives to a stimulating debate about energy
•    work with creative practitioners to produce brilliant artworks that are exceptionally engaging.

Our energy system is the beating heart of our culture; it determines our expectations in life and is the foundation on which we build our future.  Because our energy system is invisible, technical, complex and multi-faceted it is difficult to appreciate its importance.

Regen SW’s Arts and Energy Programme invites us to consider energy and its intrinsic link to our culture through a new lens.

You can keep up to date with what’s happening in this arts and energy programme via the Insight Report (You can sign up on-line)

lamp leap

Currently Regen SW is producing: Something Wonderful in My Back Yard – a sparkling new crowd-funded musical! Think of a musical, and you might imagine the romance of West Side Story or the glamour of Chicago. But this new musical (currently being written) has a different setting and tackles a very different subject: how do a motley group of ordinary, argumentative people persuade their make-do-and-mend, muddle-through market town to embrace community food and energy schemes and become more resilient?

Writer Matt Harvey and composer Thomas Hewitt Jones are well known in their fields (and their allotments). They have previously collaborated on The Same Flame (published by Boosey & Hawkes) and the musical Rumpelstiltskin, produced at the egg, Theatre Royal Bath last Christmas – set to be revived this year at the MAC Belfast.

The Relight my Fire Festival18-21 September 2015 is being developed with Exeter Community Energy, Kaleider and The Bike Shed Theatre. This arts and energy festival in Exeter taking place during Community Energy Fortnight!    We will take a journey from industrial revolution to energy devolution…

Recent projects include: The Element in the Room – This  is a book of poems inspired by energy – renewable energy in particular – and a book of pictures inspired by poems about renewable energy. Some poems were prompted by reflections on the elements, some from talking with people working in the field, others from renewable technologies themselves – the look of them, their potential, people’s responses to them. Some are playful, cheeky, pithy, others more lyrical and solemn, some are just plain daft. Among them there’s a sonnet, a country and western song and a prose poem called The Not-for-Prophit. You get the picture. None is intended as a ‘last word’, they are offered for your pleasure and interest and to provoke discussion.

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